VMware vRA/vRO customized

course description

VMware vRA/vRO customized

The end objective is first agreed with the customer. Following an agreement on the end objective and an assessment of the training participants, the course content is finalized using a proven training methodology that focuses initially on the theoretical part. Through experience, the most effective courses are focused more on the practical part based on real scenarios.

The focus of this course is more on using vRA, vRO and how both products complement each other.

about the trainer

With over 20 years of combined experience, Sascha is the man for the job. In delivering world class training sessions, Sascha puts an emphasis on participant involvement through practical examples derived from real life scenarios. Sascha is able to create an atmosphere of discussion and collaboration (with the occasional lighter moment) in the classroom to encourage a thought process and ensure a full understanding of the underlying technical concepts.